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Da Nizza Wood Fired Pizza
Da Nizza Wood Fired Pizza
Featured Install: DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza

Location: Salisbury, MD
Using: 2 POS kiosk stations, 1 POS station using FuturePOS

Brian Nelson, co-owner of DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza has some enterprising ideas. One of these ideas is his new Salisbury, Maryland restaurant located at 1400 S. Salisbury Boulevard. The repurposed University tire store is now home to four restaurants and a bar. Seating is under a glass atrium and can accommodate up to 200 people. The single Earth stone oven at DaNizza operates between 800 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In a matter of two minutes, whole personal pizza orders are ready for consumption by locals and college students alike.

Brian decided to go with DBS for his point of sale system with a special request – Customer Self Ordering Kiosks. Two large tablet style touch screen monitors are positioned for customers to customize and order their own personal size pizza.

DBS totally revamped the installation customer interface procedures a few years ago. “There is a process that covers every aspect of the design goals as directed by the customer. This is a customized process as no two customers are alike”, said David McFarland, DBS Research & Development Manager.  

Da Nizza Wood Fired Pizza

DBS Project Manager Tyler Jarmon took the lead role in the kiosk design and layout. DBS Graphic Designer Melissa Korik worked with Jarmon on creating a vibrant, eye catching colored pos system that was also user friendly. The flow of the system makes it simple for customers because its set up in the same manner as you would order a pizza, from the sauce to the cheese to the toppings. There were multiple menu design meetings before the green light was given to deploy the format. These meetings covered layouts, buttons, graphics, customer flow. 

For more information on creating a personal kiosk for your business, email us at sales@dbs4pos.com or call us at (302) 395-0900.


Moo Thru - Future POS and QSR
Moo Thru - Future POS and QSR
 Featured Install: Moo Thru
Location: Remington, VA
Using: 2 POS stations with Future POS and Kitchen QSR

New Castle, DE,  March 25, 2016 

High Tech Comes to Drive Through Ice Cream Parlor in Virginia

After attempting to use both Micros and Aloha over the past few seasons, Moo Thru knew there was an easier ordering system out there.  With plans of adding another location in the spring of 2016, the client needed to find a solution NOW.  After making the decision to purchase Future POS software, DBS technicians began the process of inputting menu items and testing the ordering process. 

We discussed the primary obstacle, which was timing. Getting the right scoop of ice cream to the customer was the goal. The speed-of-service needed to improve by inputting orders and getting them out quickly to the steady lines at both the walk-up and the drive-thru windows.  The flow of the menu screen was the key and DBS was able to program the Moo Thru system exactly how they envisioned it. Ordering options are convenient and timely. The staff doesn’t get overloaded with cluttered menu screens where just finding an item takes precious time.  

To keep the orders at the drive-thru window more organized, we also installed a QSR Video Display. Instead of having to deal with assembling orders from the multiple paper tickets coming from both the kitchen and ice cream locations, they now have one easy to navigate video display of all the orders coming through to pick-up. It has streamlined the drive-thru, making assembling the orders faster and more accurate. 

Schedule Preventative Maintenance Now!
During the scheduled Preventative Maintenance service call, our technician will perform the following services:
  1. Verify backups are working
  2. Verify Windows automatic updates are up to date
  3. Verify Anti-virus definitions are up to date
  4. Wiring check / cable clean up
  5. Labeling UPS/Battery backups
  6. Hardware inspections
  7. Verify remote support to DBS works
Starting from $299.95 (Parts not included) 
In addition to the services listed above, our technician will be able to make recommendations for backup hardware, upgrades and best-practices... all to help keep your POS system running smoothly with minimal down-time. Call us now to Schedule at (302) 395-0900 or email services@dbs4pos.com
Metro Pub & Grill - Digital Dining
Metro Pub & Grill - Digital Dining
Featured Install: Metro Pub & Grill
Location: Middletown, DE
Using: 7 POS stations with Digital Dining

New Castle, DE, January 29, 2016– When a business as tightly run as Metro is came looking for a hospitality technology company, the goals were already defined. Now they just had to find the right company.

 While enrolled at the University of Delaware Hospitality management program, General Manager Adam Cofield started his career at The Inn at Montchannin Village, then on to the Hotel DuPont. At “The Hotel” Adam began managing different core areas of the hotel from The Green Room to marketing management.

Adam sat down with us to talk about the new business and why they went with DBS

“There were multiple elements that came into play when deciding who to choose as our POS provider”, as Adam outlined. “These were the essential components that came into play “

1. Could we get onsite support quickly in case of an emergency?

2. Was the software a proven performer and well received in the industry?

3. Was immediate telephone support available so I didn’t have to leave a message with an unknown?

4. Would training my staff be an issue if they never used Digital Dining?

All of these objectives were met during the evaluation and DBS won the order. In fact, there is a second restaurant in the works and will be opening in Middletown, Delaware in the Spring of 2016. Adam said they will also go with DBS at this location based on the outcome and the expectations that were exceeded at the Metro installation.

Kentmorr Restaurant & Crab House - Digital Dining & QSR
Kentmorr Restaurant & Crab House - Digital Dining & QSR

Featured Install: Kentmorr Restaurant & Crab House
Location: Stevensville, MD
Using: 12 POS stations with Digital Dining & 6 QSR stations

Dating back to 1993, Dave and Tammy Harper have owned and operated the Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House. Located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, the Kentmorr was opened in 1954 by then proprietor Bill Morris.

The restaurant’s location provides one of the finest views the Eastern Shore has to offer for your Chesapeake Bay experience. Award winning crab cakes, local crabs, fish, and oysters add to your enjoyment of one of the world’s finest estuaries.

As Tammy Harper explained, "In 1992, my husband and I were approached by the owners of the Kentmorr Marina to start our own business at the Kentmorr Restaurant. After renovations were performed on the property, we opened on May 13, 1993."

 “Given the proximity in Stevensville, Maryland to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, Delaware, the restaurant draws busy crowds "in season" April through October when steamed crabs are served."

 The best way to service the customer is pretty fundamental. Have a well-trained and dedicated staff and give them the tools to get the job done. “ We  chose DBS because of its company's reputable customer service and the quality products offered." The follow up support was very important to Dave and Tammy. "We needed a company with a quick response time to assist us with any technical questions and provide quick answers. DBS was the only company in our region who could out perform any other point of sale companies."


Kentmorr went with the advanced QSR Kitchen Automation Digital Display Screens. Having screens at each chef’s station presents staff with all the information they need and when they need it. This ensures the guest receive their meals together, freshly prepared, even when cooking times vary. All front of house staff have access to real time production information. Changes made to each item are indicated, ensuring staff know the status of their orders. Once orders are completed, they are automatically moved to the front of the screen for immediate delivery.


Kentmorr Restaurant & Crab House - Digital Dining & QSR



MasterCard Updates You Need To Know About
MasterCard Updates You Need To Know About
MasterCard cards are issued with account numbers beginning with a “5”. Beginning in 2017, MasterCard cards will also be issued with account numbers beginning with a “2”.  The cards beginning with a 2 will be processed in the same manner as current MasterCard cards.

MasterCard requires that all businesses with point-of-sale systems accepting the current 5 series cards must also be able to accept the cards with the new 2 series number. Please contact DBS directly to determine if any action is needed to ensure your system is in compliance and can accept the new 2 series cards.

Your failure to accept the new 2 series MasterCard cards after June 30, 2017 may result in non-compliance assessments being passed on to you from MasterCard– as well as potential lost revenue associated with not accepting customers’ cards.


Please click here to see MasterCard's website about this change.


The MasterCard fee schedule for non-compliance is:

•             Up to $2,500 per occurrence for first 30 days

•             Up to $5,000 per occurrence for days 31-60

•             Up to $10,000 per occurrence for days 61-90

•             Up to $20,000 per occurrence for subsequent violations


It is the client's responsibility to contact us before June 30, 2017. Please reach out to our Sales team at sales@dbs4pos.com or by phone (302) 395-0900 ext. 812.  
Cyber-Security Alert
Cyber-Security Alert
Attention customers - Visa has recently released a cyber-security alert for anyone who utilizes a point-of-sale company, such as DBS, to operate their establishment. The alert focuses on cyber criminals that are exploiting remote management access tools such as Logmein, PCAnywhere, or VNC (to name a few). Their goal is to obtain unauthorized access to computers in an attempt to steal sensitive data such as credit card information. Please be aware that DBS will only connect to our client’s point-of-sale systems using our secure “Rescue” portal that requires the end-user to authenticate the connection. We have posted the security alert on our website as well as our social media outlets. If you feel like your system may have malware installed on it, please contact DBS technical support today so we can verify that your POS system is clean.

To view the full alert from Visa, please click HERE.

Contact us at 302-395-0900 or using our Live Chat feature on our website. Thank you
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