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  • DBS Home - Welcome to Delaware Business Systems
  • Products - View our digital dining and point of sale products
    • Virtual Technician - 24/7, real-time monitoring and alerting for your entire POS system
    • Digital Dining - a customizable POS system for restaurants
    • Future POS - a powerful point of sale solution designed for hospitality and retail industries
    • Catapult - provides small and midsize retailers with a complete enterprise automation solution
    • PeachWorks - powerful web-based software for your restaurant
    • Avero - the leading provider of web and mobile business analytics tools for the hospitality industry
    • Kitchen Displays - flexible and reliable ePic Kitchen Display Software
    • Hardware - From traditional PCs and Touchscreens to handheld terminals, there are endless ways that DBS can configure your custom POS system
    • Table Management - provides accurate table statuses, wait times, and seating, while capturing the total guest experience
    • Online Ordering - branded online ordering software that seamlessly integrates with your existing POS system
    • PosIQ - CRM software for the restaurant industry
    • EverFocus DVR - display live and recorded images in astounding detail
    • Cloud Backup - backup software for your business
  • Services - View our services
    • Credit Card Processing - credit card processing for your business
    • Secure Credit Cards - secure credit card processing for your business
    • EMV - chip-card authentication for your business
    • Service Agreements - learn about the benefits of our service agreement
    • Training - DBS offers comprehensive training on your system in our state-of-the-art training facility
  • Support - get technical assistance from DBS
  • About us - learn more about DBS
  • Request a Quote - request a quote for your business
  • Contact - get in touch with DBS
  • News - the latest updates from DBS
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